Best car insurance quote 30% off but we need to monitor your every move


Progressive’s tagline of “You could save over $500 on car insurance” can lead up a 30% discount and the best car insurance quote you may find online, but there’s a catch. Getting such inexpensive car insurance may require a driver to allow to install a monitoring device under the dash that reports on the users driving habits.

The program is known as “Snapshot” and is currently available in a limited number of states at this time.

Richard Hutchinson, a company spokesman said “This is a new approach to auto insurance. It allows you the consumer to share your driving to get a discount.

In order to ‘potentially’ reach that 30% savings Snapshot will monitor if the insured motorist is driving late at night, avoids hard stops and drives at reasonable speeds and without jackrabbit starts.

Privacy advocates find this type of monitoring as intrusive and too much big brother like, but the program is completely voluntary so drivers don’t need to participate if they don’t want too.

As far as a person’s rates going up if using Snapshot and they are found to be doing the things contrary to getting a deeper discount that simply won’t happen. The device according to Hutchinson will only be used as a way for a driver to reduce their car insurance rate, not increase it.

So far claims that 100,000 customers have signed up for the program. So while the best car insurance quote may require a monitoring device, a potential 30% off is something a lot of people are taking advantage of to save some money in a tight

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